Oct 22
What’s YOUR Purpose?

What’s YOUR Purpose?

Planning and having a strategy is as old as our planet is and for those of us that believe in a creation that was created by a creator we can see a strategy from the beginning in all things.

I believe we as humans are created with a purpose. We need to find that purpose and then have a strategy to get to walk in our purpose. Out of our own purpose our business purpose flow and for that you also need a strategy as well as have someone that keeps you accountable to the purpose and strategies.

Jabez Consulting Services is part of the Impumelelo Group that focus on coaching of individuals and companies to understand their purpose and then to put a strategy in place to achieve it and then also to keep the person or CEO accountable to the plan.

Like the saying goes: “If you fail to plan your plan to fail”

Life is short, make a plan and partner with someone that can help you and your company in this!