Oct 22
The Enceladus Group

The Enceladus Group

At The Enceladus Group we are passionate about Economic Development and the upliftment of society. Our Vision is for a World where all people live in dignity, and our Mission is to “Work for Tomorrow’s Tomorrow”. We focus on developmental issues through industrialisation and trade facilitation interventions which more than often are essential for sustainable outcomes in the longer term as opposed to quick wins in the short term.

The partners in The Enceladus Group have >25 years of professional experience in the domain of Industrial Competitiveness and Industrial Development issues, where these experiences range from aspects of industrial policy, industrial competitiveness strategy and trade facilitation challenges.

In terms of our industrialisation focus, a specialist aspect of our strategic consultancy services lies in our understanding of advanced manufacturing industries, specifically in the aerospace, space and defence markets, and

In terms of our trade facilitation focus, our specialist expertise lies in the domain of technical infrastructure (standardization, quality assurance, accreditation and metrology).

Themes central to our work include:

  • Creation of industrial capabilities in developing countries as necessary foundation for economic development;
  • The catalytic effect of high-value and advanced manufacturing industries in order to unlock growth;
  • Modernization of standardisation, quality assurance, accreditation and metrology policies and institutional capacity as a necessary condition for economic development.
  • The services we provide are centred around providing advice, strategy support, and project delivery to primarily government and industry; in fact, we work across the development spectrum, to create pragmatic, functional, implementable strategies, interventions and capabilities to anticipate and meet growing needs.

Our experience in working for and with government, public institutions, and in industry including prime contractors, small and medium enterprises, and start-ups, means we understand the complexity of on the one hand politics, policies and regulations, and on the other the business environment, including aspects of business governance, strategy and operations.

A unique aspect of our work lies in our understanding and experiences in the challenges faced globally between the first and second economies.

A few examples of the work undertaken by the partners in The Enceladus Group include:

  • Strategic advisory services to company boards and executives;
  • Support in strategic negotiations;
  • Creation/revision of policies, strategies and legislation;
  • Facilitation of complex collaboration and ventures amongst parties at national, regional and international level;
  • National/regional/multilateral advocacy and engagement
  • Development and execution of business strategies and business plans;
  • Project management of developmental projects.